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Paul Georgias

Jamil Yasin

Dan Jenkins

Marlene Bogle

Agata Cienciala

Jonathan Tansley
I decided to join Eccleshill Roadrunners as I never run by myself, I usually just go to the gym in preparation for my previous 10kms. I know Marc Steele from school days and he’d told me about the team spirit and that they are different type of runners who are part of Eccleshill Roadrunners and that they’d make me feel welcome. One day I hope to do the London marathon.

Justyna Kurkowska-Bies

Paul Croston
“Have always enjoyed running – ran on and off from school days – been running again regularly for the past 6 years. My favourite distance is half marathon but also enjoy 5K’s, 10K’s and done the odd marathon, I also like the trail runs as well, especially in winter with the mud!!

Have begun doing Sprint Triathlons last year, done about half a dozen now, mainly to set new challenges for me and to vary my exercise (as I’m getting older the joints and bones are starting to feel it a little bit, so swimming and cycling mixed in with the running gives them a little rest now and then) – doing Leeds Triathlon (standard distance) this year – so my first “proper” triathlon in open water.

I love the sense of freedom that running gives me, whether I am on my own or with a group – although I do prefer running in a group. The social aspect is a great bonus as well, friendly faces and a knowledge that we can all empathise when a run gets tough but also understand the enjoyment and satisfaction of completing a training run / race / or achieving a PB!

I work for Leeds Mind – so I’m very clear on how exercise (any kind) is very beneficial for our mental health and overall wellbeing

Just moved back to Bradford (Thorpe Edge), lived in Leeds for the last 10 years (was running with South Leeds Lakers), lived round here before, so know the area pretty well. Originally from Wigan – so you have a Lancastrian within the group!!!”

Trisha Stringer

Georgia Fabbroni

Abbie Cheetham

Jessica Croot

Laura McDonald

Michael McDonnell

Julian Bailey

Umar Khan

Hannah Wood

Tim Barnett:  “I’ve been running on and off since my school days when I discovered that cross-country was a great way to get out of standing around on a freezing rugby pitch for a couple of hours. Over the years I’ve done many races including 3 London marathons (a long time ago), various half marathons, 10ks, fell runs and the like. I always thought I should join a running club but somehow never got around to it until a few months ago when I and my son Luc decided to take the plunge. We’ve not regretted it – it’s great to have company when out running and we hope to get to know other club members better and to take part in some races.”

Luc Barnett

Mark Sutherland: I am actually a cyclist but due to being knocked off my bike (injured ribs) I took up running in November 2015 to get fit again over the winter months. I then took on the challenge of running a ½ marathon in March 2016. Due to another crash (and broken collar bone) on the bike shortly after the ½ marathon I lost interest in sports. In March this year I decided to motivate myself to start doing sport again and want to run an ultra-marathon in April 2017. To qualify for the race I need a marathon time so signed up for the Yorkshire marathon in October. I decided to join a club for group runs as that helps with motivation rather than going out alone. A lot of the training for the ultra-marathon will be over the cold and dark winter months so am hoping to get motivation from club/group runs. I joined Eccleshill Road Runners based on location and feedback from friends who know the club or members of the club.

Jessica Barrans: I started taking up running 2 & 1/2 years ago, doing my first ever Run for Life 5km which I found a challenge but felt great afterwards. Fast forward and I’ve completed Tough Mudders, 5km’s, 10km’s, 2 half marathons and most recently 2017 London marathon. I am BY FAR not the fastest runner at all, I really do take my time but training by myself was pretty boring and got harder, so joining a club was the way forward to keep the spark alive! I have had such a lovely reception coming to the club since joining, and is such a valuable resource going forward for future training. I doubt I will get to the speeds of Mo Farah and Usain Bolt, but just being with a group of people really helps to keep running and is such a motivating way to keep fit!

Robert Stark

David Dowthwaite

Claire Moss

Will Marshall

Gemma Illingworth

Sophie Hargreaves

Susan Woodward

Stuart Wagstaff

Aaliah Sheikh

Vicky Cousins

Gavin Waddell

Mark Chapman

Jenny Rogers-Thomas: I’m really enjoying running with the club. I only started running late last year around Oct and just casually with Rhea who has also joined. She got me into it and helped me get a bit better. She mentioned the club to me and the thought of running with others appealed to me and the time table really suits my home life. I am getting married in aug so am wanting to be fitter and healthier for that and for my holiday at the end of May. But more long term I want to get better and faster and hopefully enjoy entering races and pushing myself. I have entered my first race on 30th May, East Leeds 10k so that will give me a good insight into the racing atmosphere. Since I started running my daughter has asked to come running with me so we’ve been out together which is lovely,  she’s 6 and I have a son too who is 3. I want to encourage them also to be fit and healthy. I’m really enjoying running with the club everyone is so friendly and encouraging.

Caroline Ward: I started at parkrun, about a year ago come rain snow or sunshine, I’ve worked hard to get a new pb most weeks, (pb @38 aiming for 36) I knew I needed to run more, I got talking to Kath, Tricia & Christine one Saturday at Bradford parkrun & was invited to come along to Eccleshill RR.  I arrived one Wednesday in January I was made very welcome, I have had great support from the running club and I hope to achieve my goals at get fitter & faster well not to fast!!!! Thanks for the great welcome from the members.

Nusrat Haq: I love running but have put on weight as the years gone by its always yo yoing up and down & my diet doesn’t help when I’m sat in front of the tv so I decided to try do something about it.  I joined a gym and did a few 10k cancer runs as I lost my sister last year to cancer only 36, running helped me breath again through caring for my sister and after she passed I felt I needed to continue running and making her proud and joking in supporting others in charity runs I heard about Eccleshill running club and how loving and welcoming you all are through friends who already are with you so I thought to give it a try and I’m hoping to do the half Leeds marathon this year will all your help!

Laura Cunningham:  I joined the club after seeing you guys on a run one night whilst I was sat in my car at some traffic lights, I tried running before by myself but I wouldn’t push myself like I do now and to be honest I absolutely hated it! Plus the area I live in isn’t the best so I didn’t feel safe on my own, so I decided to look up you guys which I was quite scared to do as I’m not too confident around new people but I made myself email and come to my first session and I couldn’t believe how nice and helpful everyone was! On my first run when I had to stop several times to catch my breathe people would walk with me until I was ready to run again. I wanted to start running as I thought it was a great way to loose weight as I would like to get back down to the size I was before my boyfriend fed me haha plus I thought running with eccleshill road runners would give me a great opportunity to meet new people as I know no one in this area and it gets me out of the house. I only really do a Wednesday right now (the short run) but I’d like to eventually get better at my running and do another day a week plus work myself up to the longer runs, don’t know if I can do 10 miles though as I can’t even walk this distance! Ha I’m really looking forward to the Xmas party as I’ll get to properly talk to people within the club as when I’m running I do try but my breathing isn’t great so I try not to talk a lot! I really do enjoy coming on a Wednesday, I have found it to be quite hard but rewarding!

David Hudson:  I’ve joined Eccleshill for the team atmosphere and to promote the club with some racing this year.

Rosemary Beaumont

Gillian Richardson

Rebecca Richardson

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