Our Roadrunner of the month for August is Gareth Harland!

We are extremely pleased to announce that our Road Runner of the month for August is Gareth Harland!

Thanks all for your nominations for RROTM – there was always only going to be one candidate this month: Gareth Harland!

In light of his absolutely amazing efforts on Mont Blanc last week, Gareth swept home with members talking about how inspirational they found his sheer grit and determination in taking on this seemingly impossible challenge. Several Members tracked him from start to finish and messages buzzed around all weekend o his progress – we were in awe of his achievements and despite not performing how he would have liked to due to being taken ill and missing the cut off for a checkpoint, therefore, not being allowed to continue, I’m sure we can all agree that this takes absolutely nothing away from what his efforts anyway. In the words of Arnie – “he’ll be back!” Well done Gareth!

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