Our Roadrunners of the month for November are Sarah Myers & Julie Steele

Thanks for all your nominations for RROTM- very pleased to announce that the lucky recipients are…

Sarah Myers & Julie Steele!

Yes you read it correctly, for the first time since we began awarding Road Runner of the Month we have a tie! Both ladies were recognised for the tireless work they do behind the scenes in keeping the club races and activities ticking over, promoting team activities such as Peco league races, relays, club championship races etc. Sarah being ear marked for compiling the club championship race lists and keeping the points tables updated each time races are run which earn members points, in addition to being a friendly, supportive regular attendee on club nights and also giving up lots of her free time to run direct at junior parkrun, the grassroots of athletics for lots of youngsters today. Julie was also mentioned for being a regular on club nights, leading club sessions on a regular basis and being a friendly, supportive club mate on training runs. In addition both ladies are attributed to being avid promoters of the advantages of being a member of such a fantastic, supportive club and generally having an all round good time whilst doing the sport they love! Well done ladies, very well deserved, display those mementos with pride.

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