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Race 12 in the clubs Winter championship was placed in jeopardy when storm Ciara threatened to ruin proceedings, the PECO League first warned that clubs should consider not putting up tents and flags in Becketts Park as they would not be held responsible for injuries resulting from pieces of tent or flags flying around in the predicted 50 mph winds. Next came a reduction in the course from 5 miles to four to avoid running near trees in the park. Warnings were also circulated that the course would be checked at 8:30 am ahead of the race and an announcement made in good time whether the race would be cancelled or not. It was deemed safe to go ahead just after 8:30 am, by which time decisions had been made by many that they simply were not stepping out of the door or going to take any unnecessary risks. However, one brave soul did make the decision to go along and take part, Gareth Harland soldiered on and found the course quite challenging with more mud and water on the course than there might usually have been, the first 1.75 miles being on the West Park playing fields and following the perimeter of the fields. After the field runners then did a loop of the woods and Becketts Park, a sharp descent then took on Batcliffe Woods, a short lap of the field to the finish adjacent to Spen Lane lead back to the finish. Gareth finished in a fab time of 37:20 – well done Gareth!