Welcome to Eccleshill Road Runners

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Eccleshill are the only club in the area that offer training on 3 nights of the week, plus some Sunday mornings. We are a friendly, down to earth club run by volunteers who, just like you, are in it for the pure enjoyment of running. You can do as little or as much training, enter as few or as many races and /or help run the club as much or as little as you’d like – we promise you there’ll be no pressure. Check out our calendar for information on our training nights, or you can find more detailed info here.

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As a club member, you’ll automatically become a member of the Association of Running Clubs (ARC) which brings with it certain advantages. There’s loads of information on this body, to see some, click here. We are a club run by volunteers that is dedicated to providing a safe running environment. More information on the people that run the club, as well as our formal policies, can be found here.