Thinking about joining a running club can sound a bit daunting  – will I be fast enough? Will there be pressure to enter races? Will I have to train more often that I’d really like? We’ve all been there & yet its nothing like as daunting as you may be thinking.

At Eccleshill Road Runners, we try really hard to put people at their ease & for all to get the most pleasure out of running, whatever our ability and ambition. To start you off, everyone is welcome to give us a trial for a few weeks before deciding if you’d like to join.

Most people initially get in touch using our Contact Form or on Facebook. You’ll get a quick reply with more details, usually with a contact name & telephone number if you’d prefer to speak to someone. After then, if you want to try us out, it’s usual to indicate which training session you’ll come to first, so someone can look out for you & generally show you the ropes.

After a few weeks, if you decide to stick with us, you’ll be asked to fill out a membership form and to sign the club codes of conduct. Following that, you receive a number of welcoming emails to give you more information on what ERR can offer you as you get more into your running.


  1. Take a Free Trial. No appointment needed. No commitment. No expectations.
    Come along to some of our sessions. See the calendar for session details – we meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. More information.
  2. We have forms available at our training sessions or you can complete our membership form.  Download it here.
  3. Complete our online membership form.
  4. Membership fees are listed at the bottom of this page.

Want More Information?

  1. Ask at one of our sessions. More information.
  2. We are also happy to help via email or on Facebook. Click here to contact us via email. Click here for our Facebook page.

Annual Membership Fees

Subscriptions are due on 1st March in each year

£25.00 Full member

£21.00 Discounted Full member (students/unemployed/Junior).

£15.00 Social member.

Pro-rata rates are available throughout the year.

Your Membership includes the following benefits;

  • Training three nights a week
  • Improvement in fitness, mutual support, training for specific races or distances,
  • Membership of the Association of Running Clubs (ARC).
  • Reduced ARC race entry fees.
  • Discounts from sports retailers such as Sportshoes and Yorkshire Runner.
  • Benefits of links with Airedale Athletics Partnership. (eg reduced rates for training courses)
  • Eccleshill Road Runners organised Social Events

Download our membership form here.

Apply Online by completing our online membership form.


” I just want to say that joining the club was the best decision I made, I had been running outdoors
on my own for about  year but really was losing the motivation to carry on, I think I would have definitely given up had I not found Eccleshill Road Runners on the internet. I was very hesitant to join at first because I was a Muslim women dressed in my Islamic attire, but all the club members have been so friendly and supportive. I also thought everyone would be way better than me and I would be left behind, but I have found that the club caters for all runners and is very accommodating to people who run at different speeds. I have especially enjoyed the speed and hill sessions (they were the ones which I was most frightened to do) My fitness levels have improved so much.  Through the club I have met some of the most friendliest people ever ,everyone has been so kind and helpful since I joined, they’ve all inspired and given me so much confidence that I feel I can achieve those higher miles. Running with the club has challenged every part of my body- and mind! every time I run with the club my strength along with my confidence is improving. Thank you to everyone for making me feel very welcome and helping me along”

“I was really anxious about joining a running club and didn’t know if I would be fit enough. Eventually, I decided to bite the bullet and email he club, forcing myself to go along. Within five minutes of meeting the gang, I felt a lot more at ease and realised it might not be so bad after all!  I’ve been with the club now about twelve weeks and I’m really enjoying it (I’ve even recruited two more members!). It’s better than  I’d imagined as I’ve found everyone really helpful and encouraging and I was expecting a bit of competition but it’s not like that at all. I try to attend Mondays and Wednesdays as I find both nights really helpful towards my training and more importantly really enjoyable! ”

“A friend persuaded me to sign up for the great north run at the beginning of the year and at the time I thought it was a great idea. It was only weeks before the race that I decided to bite the bullet and join a club. I saw an advert for Eccleshill Road Runners in a local flyer and looked it up on the web. I had a reply to my email that very same day so there was no chickening out. Everyone was very welcoming and they encouraged me to push myself that bit further, giving me lots of training and preparation tips. Without their support I would have struggled completing the 13 miles. I only wished I’d joined earlier!”
“A friend had joined ERR and was raving about the lovely crowd and the support. She managed to convince me that things at ERR were different to my previous club experience and I emailed Helen straight away. I did the Fitness First pyramid that night, running my 4 laps with Gill. Helen had told her about my quest to complete the Bradford Half Marathon in 8 weeks and she was determined to help me. Two nights later, on the Wednesday, Tony turned up especially to coach me and get me round 41/2 miles. I moaned and groaned and walked a bit but felt great when I’d finished. I had 2 weeks out with injury but came back to a lovely reception. Every time I go out it’s getting better. I don’t feel like I’m being judged, my improvements are recognised and I feel really safe running with new friends who want to see me succeed”.

My first impressions of ERR  are what a great group of people who are so friendly and supportive of the effort you
put into your running, I only wish I’d taken running up sooner and joined earlier. Although I’ve only been a member for a very short time I feel a part of the group already and comfortable with all the other members without having to prove anything. There are no big egos or ‘watch me I’m great types’ that you find in some places. Its better than I ever expected. I’m m a chef by trade and 56 years old in a couple of weeks time and the only person I feel I’ve
anything to prove to is myself and with the help of my friends at ERR, bring it on. 

I was drawn to ERR as I wanted to meet new people and get fitter and build up my endurance. I had also looked at the website and was impressed by how organised it looked and how enthusiastic Helen was at the prospect of me coming down. My initial impressions of ERR are that there are no egos and everyone wants to help and is really friendly. It’s really nerve racking turning up and not knowing anyone and just starting running with all these people who look like they are seasoned runners but after a couple of runs, I feel like I’m settling in now and everyone is really nice.


Eccleshill are the only club in the area that offer training on 3 nights of the week, plus some Sunday mornings. We are a friendly, down to earth club run by volunteers who, just like you, are in it for the pure enjoyment of running. You can do as little or as much training, enter as few or as many races and /or help run the club as much or as little as you’d like – we promise you there’ll be no pressure.

We also arrange social dos now & again, to which partners and parents are also warmly invited.
We are a proud member of the Airedale Athletics Partnership, through which we can offer access to excellent training and coaching of a wide variety, in addition to the regular weekly training runs that we arrange ourselves. Again, you can access as much or as little of this offer as suits you best.

Our Club Objectives are to:

  • Cater well for people who enjoy running with others, mainly for pleasure and to keep fit and healthy.
  • Recognise the club’s strength comes from its own members openly sharing information, ideas for club development and giving mutual and practical support for those in training.
  • Help members improve performance by offering one structured training night each week, supplemented by ready access to structured, personalised coaching when members need it.
  • Put the club first, but supporting the Airedale Athletics Partnership in order to provide members with a wider variety of training and coaching opportunities.
  • Encourage and support representation of the club in races, but not to the detriment of peoples’ enjoyment of running

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