We do a number of races as part of our Club Championships. The results and subsequent points allocated are below. We also do a monthly 3-mile time trial, where each of our members try to beat their best time. Results are here.

Club Championship



Summer Championship

You can do as few or as many of the qualifying races as you wish.  All points to count.

In the event of a tie the next race will be taken into account, and so on until there is a result.

Each Eccleshill runner will receive 5 points for taking part and finishing a race.  In addition, the first runner home, both male and female, will get 10 points, the second 9 points and so on to the tenth who will get 1 point.

There is a chance for everyone to do well, a man just finishing ten races will earn himself 50 points. And a woman finishing six races will earn herself 30 points.

There will be trophies for the 3 best performers at the end of the year in the men’s and ladies tables.


** BONUS POINTS ** : Any qualifying members (i.e. eligible for the Summer Champs) volunteering at the Arthur James ShakERR will receive 10 bonus points.  (The race did not go ahead so the bonus is now not applicable)


Races for Summer Championship 2019

1. Sun 14th April – Vale Of York 10 Results
2. Sun 21st April –  Guiseley Gallop Results
3. Mon 22nd April – Ackworth Half Marathon Results
4. Sun 19th May – Cookridge Community Run Results
5. Weds 22nd May – Calverley School Run (10k or 20k) Results
6. Thurs 30th May – Apperley Bridge Canter Results
7. Sun 16th June – Pudsey 10k Results
8. Weds 26th June – Summer Mile Results 
9. Sun 30th June – Eccup 10 Results
10. Fri 5th July – St Aidans 10k Results
11. Sun 21st July – Brighouse 10k Results
12. Sun 18th August – Escrick 10k  Results
13. Sun 1st September – Wetherby 10k Results or Tholthorpe 10k Results
14. Sun 15th September – Vale of York Half  Results
15. Sunday 29th September – Kirkstall Abbey 7 Details or Beeston 10k Details


Mark Sutherland000000001500000015
Daniel Jenkins0001500151500151500075
Tony Redmond00000141401300000041
Marc Steele0001401301400014150070
Martin Steele00012011012000000035
Ian Stow0000015001400000029
Ian Storey0150000001200000027
Garry Ellison0001300013000000026
Brian Perfitt0000012130000000025
Paul Croston150000000900000024
Gareth Harland000000000014000014
Rob Sutton000000001000000010
Simon Lacy000000000000150015
Lee Matthews0000000080000008
Sarah Rawlings151300140141214014141400124
Sarah Myers014014120131010012131300111
Julie Steele00015015013110015150084
Anne Blakey00013111400900000047
Claire Tailford00000001513015000043
Vicky Cousins012000013110000140050
Annie Kisluk0150000001500000030
Lorraine McKnight0120000080000120032
Claire Hern000000150000000015
Abbie Cheetham000015000000000015
Gemma Illingworth0000000140000150029
Caroline Ward140000000000000014
Agata Cienciala000000000013000013
Debra Grant000013000000000013
Jayne Robinson013000000000000013
Debbie Merckx000000001200000012
Rhea Sutcliffe000000000000130013
Kath Lucas000000000000110011
Dawn Hogan000000000000100010
Tricia Grant0000000900000009



Winter Championship

Same scoring as summer champs – all points count!  PLEASE NOTE: This year (2018 / 2019) PECO will not count for double points.

Just the right amount of rules!

Please see race pages of host club for race entry forms/online entry details (click on links below).

Races for Winter Championship 2018/2019

1. Sun 4th Nov  – Age UK Abbey Dash Results or Guy Fawkes 10 Results
2. Sun 25th Nov – PECO Race 1 (Middleton Park) Results
3. Sun 16th Dec – PECO Race 2 (Temple Newsam)  Results
4. Sun 26th Dec – Chevin Chase Results
5. Sun 6th Jan –  PECO Race 3 (West Park) Results
6. Sun 13th Jan – Temple Newsam 10 Results
7. Sun 20th Jan – Peco Race 4 (Crimple Valley) Results
8. Sun 27th Jan – Meltham 10k Results
9. Sun 3rd Feb – Dewsbury 10k Results
10. Sun 11th Feb – Peco Race 5 (Roundhay Park) Results
11. Sun 17th Feb – Liversedge Half Results
12. Sat 16th Mar – Bradford Results or Horton Parkrun Results
13. Sun 31st Mar – Keighley 10K Details

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