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Ridiculously low temperatures -1 with a multiplied wind chill saw today’s participants herded at the start-line not too dissimilar to emperor penguins wintering in the Antarctic. A team of four made short work of today’s challenge. Unfortunately a couple of our female team succumbed to illness.
The revised course in the ever scenic grounds of the Estate was rock solid underfoot for the majority of the course. There was also an added bonus of a water jump close to the end. Marshals were out in abundance to guide and encourage the runners and take their minds off the hypothermic onslaught of the cold December breeze. At approximately 4.7 miles long the route was never less quite enjoyable. Eccleshill’s contingency saw Jacqueline Byewater take up the Peco cross country baton for the first time and despite being the only female representative put in a sterling performance. The three man male team consisted of Garry Rob and Talhah.
All four blue and whites made it back safely to refuel with piping hot soup before heading for the sanctuary of home. A massive shout out to Annie and Maxine for supporting and taking photographs. Results to be confirmed.
Talhah Butt 40:15 Jacqueline Byewater 48:33 Robert Sutton. 52:51 Garry Ellison 52:52 Great running Peeps, well done!