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The thought of running a marathon is daunting enough let alone getting the training in around a pandemic! Throw into the mix social distancing, scorching temperatures, a Bank Holiday commute and anything can happen. The fifth staging of this event which was cancelled last year due to Covid-19. Robert Sutton and Claire Hern however took up the mantle and crossed the start line accepting the challenge ahead. This Pancake flat fete of endurance starts in Boston Market Place, goes out into the wilderness and ends at Boston College Lincolnshire. A nice, well organised, friendly event that boasts a marathon, half marathon and a fun run. It also boasts excellent reviews with friendly Marshalls and plenty of water stations. Finishers are rewarded with a striking medal depicting the Mayflower (The ship that notoriously transported the Pilgrims to the “New world”) The day took its toll on Claire unfortunately in the second half where she opted to abort when things didn’t go to her stringent high standards of self expectations. Robert felt the millstone around his neck about mile 15 too but bravely soldiered on to complete the course. A stark reminder of just how demanding 26.2 miles can be on both the mental and physical resources. Hat’s off to both our brave warriors for flying the blue and whites. Well done guy’s.